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The weather in Richmond Hill is quite unique, where you’ll experience very cold winters, humidity and hot summer periods. This type of weather pattern can be quite disastrous for your home if you aren’t adequately prepared. The dirt and debris usually get collected in your guttering along with water which causes unwanted leakage. You can experience water leaks in your driveway, roof tiles, foundation and more. It is very costly to fix this damage, however, you can prevent it from happening in the first place through eavestrough cleaning.

Silverlight Windows And Eaves is highly experienced when it comes to gutter cleaning in¬†Richmond Hill and we are a full liability company. We would be able to ensure your guttering system is working perfectly so that you don’t have to worry about any of the problems listed above. When you hire our services, we will thoroughly clean and maintain your guttering, downspouts and fascias.

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Professional Cleaning Services For Eavestroughs in Richmond Hill

If you have dirty guttering, this will negatively affect your foundation and roof. If your home’s eavestroughs have dirt and debris clogging them, then this can easily cause water to leak everywhere in your home, which can cause water damage which would need expensive repairs.

Therefore, having a cleaning service maintain your guttering regularly can help to prevent these issues and the associated costs. It is even possible to make scheduling quite easy and we will simply visit your home on the pre-scheduled days of the year. When this is done, you can rest easy knowing that your guttering would always be cleaned and you don’t even need to remember to make the appointments.

Why Hire Silverlight Windows & Eaves?

Once you live in Toronto or GTA, you can completely depend on Silverlight Windows And Eaves for all your gutter and eavestrough cleaning requirements, whether they be residential or commercial. We are capable of working on properties that are up to 3 storeys tall.

Our team is filled with highly professional staff that are completely insured, well trained and friendly. They will ensure to carry out the required service as safely and efficiently as possible. Once we are finished, you will be able to enjoy completely clean guttering and eavestroughs.

Customer service is extremely important to us, and we always work hard to provide highly efficient and professional services that deliver exactly what you require. All you need to do is call us and find out why so many people choose us at Silverlight Windows And Eaves for their gutter and eavestrough cleaning.

Get A Professional

It is no secret that cleaning eavestroughs are quite challenging. A lot of homeowners delay it for as long as they can simply because cleaning it is a dangerous and very dirty job. However, the more you delay cleaning your eavestroughs and guttering, the higher the risk to your home. Therefore, you should call the professionals to do the cleaning for you. The great thing about hiring professionals is that they have a highly trained crew who will do all the cleaning quickly and thoroughly. Some of the benefits of hiring professional eavestrough and guttering cleaners include:


Unfortunately, thousands of homeowners get into accidents every year. For example, many homeowners fall from their ladders, and this causes major injuries. When you need to clean your guttering and eavestroughs and you use an unstable or old ladder, this can easily cause a fall and injury. Therefore, it is best to hire a professional since this will keep you safe. These professionals know what they’re doing and know how to use a ladder when cleaning properly.

Protect The Foundation Of Your Home

One of the major risks of dirty guttering and eavestroughs is that they can cause issues with your home’s foundation. Basically, overflowing eavestroughs and clogged downspouts can lead to water getting into your home’s foundation. Also, the weather can lead to cracks in your foundation, which are also very costly to fix. If these problems aren’t addressed, then they can negatively impact the house. So, once you take the time to get your eavestroughs and guttering cleaned a minimum of twice per year, this will go a long way in ensuring that water doesn’t get into your home’s foundation.

Great Results

Lastly, the cleaning done by a professional would be superior when compared to a homeowner. Remember that professionals have commercial-grade equipment that allows them to easily and quickly clean eavestroughs. Even if you have severely clogged eavestroughs, they will be able to clean them. When you hire a professional, this will save you a lot of time and hard work.

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Let the natural light into your home. Silverlight is a professional window cleaning company operating in Toronto and the GTA. We provide top-notch services to our residential clients and guarantee sparkling results.

Super responsive, easy to book and did fantastic work – thanks Silverlight! Highly recommended!
Marion Abbott
We’ve used Silverlight for eaves and windows every year for about the past five years and they are always reliable, professional and do a great job. Happy to recommend them.
Jill Fairbrother
Have used Silverlight for several seasons to clean my gutters, windows and this year, install leaf guards. They’re professional and do great work, and I happily recommend them.
David Bitton
I had Silverlight clean my exterior windows and eaves and then install leaf guards on my eaves. Excellent service. Fast. Efficient. Good follow-up. Easy payment process. I would recommend them!
Ene Underwood