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What are the Best Ways To Clean Outside Windows?

best way to clean window

Dirty and dusty windows can dramatically decrease how much sunlight enters a home’s rooms and make your interior spaces dim on shorter winter days. This is why cleaning your outside windows thoroughly before winter is essential.  You can find out the best ways to clean your windows in the house.

However, below are five easy ways to ensure your windows sparkle from the inside and outside. 

6 Best Ways to Clean Outside Windows

Find out the easy and best ways to clean outside windows mentioned below.

#1 Use A Magnetic Window Cleaner For Your Outside Windows

Cleaning the outside of a window that doesn’t lower or unlatch is difficult, especially when the windows are high and not easy to reach from a step ladder or the ground outside. 

The solution to this problem is magnetic window cleaners. These tools wash either side of windows using a microfiber cleaning cloth to wipe away the liquid cleaning products you are using. People that have used these tools have mentioned it does take a bit of practice to get these tools to glide smoothly. For example, the magnets can disconnect if you push the device too fast while cleaning. 

#2 Use A Mop To Extend Your Reach

cleaning window with mop

Standard mops can help to make exterior cleaning windows much easier since they can extend your reach from the ground. You can also use a mop inside for windows too high to reach. Else you can find other ways to clean outside of the window you cannot reach.

Here is a solution you can try to get your windows sparkling clean:

You need to mix 1 part of white vinegar and 1 part of the water in a container or bucket. Dip a mop head or microfiber cloth into the liquid, then attach it to the mop’s handle. Scrub the glass using your mop. 

#3 Invest In A Telescopic Pole

Use a U-shaped telescopic pole if a mop is not long enough to reach high windows. This will allow for cleaning the outside of your windows while you are standing on the inside. Most of these cleaning-pole sets come with two attachments: a circular sponge and squeegee, with two cleaning cloths. 

Here are a few tips to achieve the best results:

  • Cover a circular sponge with a dry rag to brush your windows. It will remove a lot of the grime, dirt, and dust, reducing the chances of a muddy mess that your spray cleaner may create later. 
  • Spray the windows three to four times with a good-quality window cleaner. Look for products that cut through grease and grime and the types that won’t leave behind streaks. 
  • Wipe the cleaning product away using a clean rag slipped over a circular sponge. 

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#4 Wash And Vacuum Window Screens

Window screens covered in dust and dirt can lower the sunlight or natural light entering your home. To give them a thorough clean, pop each one out, bring them outdoors, and wash them down with a hose. 

If you are lacking outdoor space, you can still clean them in place:

  • Wipe the dust away using either a microfiber cloth or disposable dust cloths. 
  • Vacuum your screens with a brush attachment for your vacuum cleaner. 
  • Combine 1 part white vinegar and 1 part water into a spray bottle. Spray the screens lightly, followed by wiping them immediately with a clean rag. 

#5 Use A Robot To Clean Your Windows

Several companies have produced robotic window cleaners. They work the same way as automatic cleaners but are designed for windows. One of the famous brands includes Winbot by Evovacs Robotics. 

Here is a description of how many of these robotic cleaners work:

  • Position the harness and safety pod, attached to this device on the window from the inside. This part will catch the machine should it fall. 
  • Attach a cleaning pad followed by spraying it with a window-cleaning solution. These appliances come with two built-in squeegees. 
  • Turn the switch on
  • Position the robotic cleaner on the outside or inside of the window. Before it starts cleaning, the robot will first scan the glass to establish the path that it should be taking.

#6 Hire Professional Window Cleaning Services

You can take help from experts for cleaning your house window outside and inside thoroughly. You won’t need to take tension for tools and materials once you hire professionals. They will get the job done for you, saving your both time and effort.  You just need to hire expert window cleaning services in Toronto and just relax.

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