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Window Cleaning Cost in Toronto

window cleaning cost in toronto

Windows have the function of being energy-efficient while providing proper ventilation and natural light into a room. Some or all of these functions can be disrupted if a window is not cleaned correctly – in residential homes or commercial buildings – so window cleaning services are often required.

This article will explore the different window cleaning costs in Toronto.

How Much Does Window Cleaning Cost In Toronto?

The prices of window cleaning in the city vary depending on the service provider. The average service is usually charged by the hour, ranging between $80 and $150 – depending on how many personnel are required and whether the high-rise windows.

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Factors Affecting Window Cleaning Prices

But why does the pricing for window cleaning in Toronto oscillate so much? A few factors can influence the costs of cleaning your windows – it depends on where you live, the type of windows you have, how you maintain them, and what equipment or cleaning method can be used.

Factors that can affect the cost of window cleaning in Toronto are:

  • Location – cleaning the windows can be difficult depending on your residence area. The price will depend on if you live in a house with easy accessibility or if you live in a high-rise building located in a crowded area
  • Home size – bigger houses usually have more windows to be cleaned. Even if a professional cleaning service is cheap, the more windows a house has, the more will be charged in the end
  • Amount of windows – similar to the house size factor, a lot of windows will require a lot of cleaning
  • Amount of dust – if living in a crowded place or not having a lot of time to maintain your property results in dust and dirt quickly accumulating in your windows, the cleaning process will take longer
  • Company – companies charge different prices for their services and provide them in different ways. Silverlight Windows, for instance, affects the cost of window cleaning in Toronto positively by providing affordable prices for an excellent service

How Can I Reduce My Window Cleaning Costs?

If you think keeping your windows clean for longer is taking a toll on your wallet, you might think about taking some measures to reduce window cleaning costs.

You can start by maintaining the windows you use the most or by cleaning the windows of the most accessible access on your own. It is pretty simple – create a cleaning solution with warm water and soap, put gloves on, and start scrubbing. A glass cleaning product also does the job well without staining your windows.

However, if you find it difficult to arrange a spare time to do so, or if your windows have difficult access from the outside, searching for a reliable window cleaning company is your best option!

By hiring a professional window cleaning company, you can save a lot of money – either their service is cheap and well-done, or the quality of their products gives you the opportunity of not having to worry about cleaning for an extended period of time.

Which Window Cleaning Company Offers the Best Value for Window Cleaning in Toronto?

Silverlight Windows & Eaves is committed to providing clients in Toronto and the GTA with great, affordable window cleaning services. Reach out to us at 416-827-8949 and schedule a free estimate today!

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