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How to Choose a Snow Removal Company

How to Choose a Snow Removal Company

When winter comes, it is no surprise that many Toronto residents struggle with the meters and meters of mountains of snow that accumulate in their driveways or garages. And, when such situations happen, the first solution that comes to mind is to plow the snow away – but how to do it?

We often decide to get our shovels and remove the snow as soon as a storm passes, but in reality, we end up doing an average job – and even run the risk of hurting ourselves in the process.

One of the benefits of hiring a snow removal company is that you have trust that the contractors will do a perfect and throughout job in cleaning snow out of your driveway or storefront. This article will quickly wrap up eight things you should pay attention to when you look for a reliable snow removal company.

How to Choose a Snow Removal Company?

Here are eight key points you must be aware of when choosing a snow removal company:

1. Ensure the Company is Insured

Workers may accidentally damage your car while plowing or hurt themselves – and, although very unlikely, such scenarios may occur so it is best to remain prepared.

Therefore, you should double-check that the snow removal company you hire is properly insured – and also insures their employees.

2. Proper Employee Training and Experience

A way to tell if a snow removal company is reliable is by observing how their employees work and perform a quality check yourself. If the company only hires experienced contractors, and even then provides them with proper training, you can rest assured that the snow will be properly removed from your property.

3. The Right Equipment

A reliable snow removal company will provide contractors with proper and high-quality equipment to work with – and therefore, it is of utmost importance that you check the equipment they use. 

You don’t have to be an expert in snow removal tools, but it is not difficult for you to spot malfunctions when observing how the contractors work. If you end up hiring a company that does not provide good equipment for their employees, they won’t be able to properly remove snow from your driveway.

By looking into the overall quality of the snow plow equipment and checking to see if such tools are well cared for, you will be able to see if the snow removal company of your choice is reliable or not.

4. Get Their References and Client Reviews

If you really need to remove a lot of snow from your backyard or driveway, asking friends, family or neighbours for references on snow removal companies is not a bad idea. 

Get proper references and check online reviews on the company’s website as well – good snow removal services will always have accurate and positive evaluations from their clients. Therefore, it is vital that you watch out for any negative experiences clients may have had with them, and analyse the pros and cons before contacting a company to hire their services.

5. Compare Multiple Quotes

It is very likely that the area you live in Toronto has more than one snow removal company – so it might not be the best idea to contact the very first one you find. 

Just like when we are out shopping for new clothes and look into what multiple stores have to offer before making any purchases, we should apply the same process and logic when looking for a reliable snow removal company.

Check the online pages of different companies to compare their prices and the quality of their services – and select the most affordable one that will surely provide you with a professional snow removal experience.

6. Take a Look at Their Credentials

Reliable snow removal companies have credentials that license their services per required by the law. Such companies also have registered vehicles and employees covered by the WSIB (Workplace Safety and Insurance Board) in Ontario.

Having credentials is a must and, if the company you contacted has them, it is a good sign.

7. Pay Attention to a Clear Contract

A reliable snow removal company will provide you with a written contract of their service – a contract that clearly states the service offered and how throughout the process is executed.

When you contact a snow removal company with a responsible team of contractors, they will always provide you with a reliable and clear contract for their services.

8. Look for Snow Removal Apps

With fast technological advancements, it is easy to find mobile applications for all types of services, and it wouldn’t be different with snow removal. 

If you don’t want to ask people around you for assistance in finding a snow removal company, you can quickly browse the service on your phone’s app store and hire contractors with just a tap on your keyboard.

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At Silverlight, our professional team performs high-quality snow removal services throughout Toronto and the GTA in a fast and reliable manner. 

Our contractors offer dependable services that exceed the expectations of every client that is having a hard time with the extreme winter. And, if that is your case, give us a call at 416-827-8949 to schedule a free estimate today!

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