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Sure, there are things around your property you can take a DIY approach to, but many should get professional assistance! Window cleaning isn’t a project you should tackle on your own, and getting help is as easy as getting in touch with trusted window cleaners. At Silverlight Windows and Eaves, we take pride in delivering quality and a seamless professional experience. Our customized services encompass a wide range of offerings, and our technicians take pride in their work.

Window Cleaning Services You Can Trust In Markham!

Many property owners start by cleaning their windows only to recognize the numerous advantages of outsourcing at a later time. Though some may adequately get the job done, it is time-consuming, and the results are hardly professional. Our Markham professionals take pride in producing a quality finish every time, and no window cleaning job is too big or too small for our consideration.

Enjoy scenic views, natural lighting, and more when you let professionals handle your window cleaning! If you’re ready to take the first step, get in touch with us today to schedule your first cleaning session.

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Save Time With A Professional Approach

DIY window cleaning is time-consuming from start to finish. You can spend a more significant portion of your day carrying tools and equipment back and forth, moving the ladder, and putting elbow grease into scrubbing grime. Most property owners abandon all hope of attaining a sparkling finish as it takes too much time and effort without the right expertise and equipment.

Our friendly technicians at Silverlight Windows and Eaves can help you reclaim lost time and take the guesswork out of window cleaning!

Save Money With Professional's Window Cleaning Service

If you’re one of the many property owners opting for a DIY window cleaning, chances are you’re doing it to save money. The fact is that your time is money, and the amount of your budget that you spend on low-quality supplies can add up. Hiring trusted professionals from the start can eliminate errors, and guesswork and ultimately, save you money in the long haul.

At Silverlight Windows and Eaves, we offer customized maintenance plans that are guaranteed to provide the most for your money. Why not let us handle the challenging part from the professional supplies used to the seamless experience?

Get Clean Windows On A Schedule

When you choose to outsource the more complex maintenance tasks around your home, you’re freeing up time in your schedule to spend it with the people you love doing things you’re passionate about! If you’re considering these services for your business, all the more reason to commit! Professional window cleaning allows you to free up your employees for more important tasks that are part of their job descriptions.

Advantages Of Choosing Silverlight In Markham

At Silverlight Windows and Eaves, we service the entire Markham region, and our services encompass residential and commercial buildings with a focus on interior and exterior cleaning. From the fact that our technicians carry valid liability insurance to their highly professional and trained backgrounds, we believe in delivering a seamless experience every time.
Give us a call today, and let us show you what hospitality is all about! We want to build a relationship based on trust with all of our clients. Our services are customized and never generic, which is why we always listen to your needs and budget before allowing you to commit to scheduled maintenance.

Benefits Of Professional Window Cleaning

Homeowners can significantly benefit from specialized window cleaning services in the area. Not only does outsourcing window cleaning mean that you can free up time in your busy schedule for other things, but it also means gaining several other benefits such as:

Professional Results

When you take matters into your own hands, you will never achieve the same level of cleanliness that professionals can. Many homeowners wrongly assume that cleaning interior windows is as simple as grabbing an old rag and some cleaning liquid. However, there’s more to it than that, especially if one wants a streak-free finish! For most homes and businesses, commercial cleaning agents must remove the years of built-up grime from their glass. Elbow grease is not enough to accomplish this, so property owners delegate these tasks to the professionals in Markham.

Spot Progressive Damage

Hiring professional cleaning services in your area also means getting an experienced eye to look at the condition of your windows. They can alert you if they see developing chips or cracks and if your aluminum window screens are causing potential window damage. Additionally, professionals are trained in spotting wood rot around your window frames or other structural damage problems. Spotting damage in the glass can eliminate the costly need to replace windows, as addressing issues early on is significantly more cost-effective than getting new windows.

Enhance Property Curb Appeal


Curb appeal is essential to selling your home, but it’s still important to care about it even if you aren’t putting your property on the market. You wouldn’t want your house to appear unkempt or become the talk of the town! Professional window cleaning services can take place on a schedule and work with your time-sensitive needs. Working together with a window cleaning service can also motivate your friends and neighbors to put more effort into the curb appeal of their own homes. From start to finish, this can become a seamless experience that you look forward to while feeling you’ve done everything possible to protect your investment.

Let Silverlight Windows and Eaves show you the meaning of the word professional! With friendly and knowledgeable technicians always available to handle your concerns.



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Super responsive, easy to book and did fantastic work – thanks Silverlight! Highly recommended!
Marion Abbott
We’ve used Silverlight for eaves and windows every year for about the past five years and they are always reliable, professional and do a great job. Happy to recommend them.
Jill Fairbrother
Have used Silverlight for several seasons to clean my gutters, windows and this year, install leaf guards. They’re professional and do great work, and I happily recommend them.
David Bitton
I had Silverlight clean my exterior windows and eaves and then install leaf guards on my eaves. Excellent service. Fast. Efficient. Good follow-up. Easy payment process. I would recommend them!
Ene Underwood